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That necessary tool you need is bbm_scanner

The new version of bbm_scanner app is now available: bbm_scanner_2.
Download it from here: Download

bbm_scanner is a small tool that helps very much when you are dealing with BBMagic modules. It receives messages from all BBMagic modules, processes and displays it on the screen.

bbm_scanner skanuje

7 times that bbm_scanner can help

  1. checking BBMagic modules
  2. reading RRSI (Radio Signal Strength Indicator) level
  3. testing communication range
  4. BBMagic radio traffic analyzing
  5. Bluetooth MAC address reading
  6. CR2032 battery testing through power supply voltage measuring
  7. reading modules firmware version

bbm_scanner is open source project

Thanks to that you can:

  • learn quickly how to process BBMagic data
  • use complete source code parts
  • build your own application based on bbm_scanner project

bbm_scanner app version 0.1 deals with:

  1. BBMagic METEO
  2. BBMagic MOTION
  3. BBMagic MAGNETO
  4. BBMagic BUTTON
  5. BBMagic FLOOD
  6. BBMagic RELAY
  7. BBMagic DIMMER

How to get and launch bbm_scanner

Download: wget http://bbmagic.net/download/src/bbm_scanner_0.1.tar.gz
Unpack: tar -zxvf bbm_scanner_0.1.tar.gz
bbm_scanner downloading
Go to the app directory: cd bbm_scanner_0.1
Change file rights if necessary: chmod 755 bbm_scanner_0.1
Fire it: sudo ./bbm_scanner_0.1
bbm_scanner launch
…and enjoy:
bbm_scanner running

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