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SCREEN and you can logout

My Raspberry Pi zero W is connected to WiFi network and works without screen, mouse and keyboard.
I connect to it with SSH client – PuTTY. How to do it you can learn here: Secure SSH connection between Windows and Raspbian
I usually do it the same: connecting, loging in, doing scheduled task, loging out and disconnecting.

Today Im gonna use BBMagic METEO to do some temperature and humidity measurements inside my fridge.
Unfortunately I cant do it like usual: log in, run bbm_logger, log out.
Previously launched bbm_logger software will be closed while logging out.

So, I should use magic tool called ‘screen’ and:

  • log in to my Raspberry Pi
  • install screen tool:sudo apt-get install screen
  • create screen virtual terminal with command:screen
    screen welcome to
    Hit enter.
  • run bbm_logger with data saving option:bbm_logger_1.0 f l27
  • bbm_logger screen

  • detach screen terminal pressing:ctrl+a and then d
  • bbm_logger screen detached

  • log out and close session. Dont worry, bbm_logger is still working for me in screen virtual terminal

And if I want to check whats going on with bbm_logger i should:

  • connect to Raspberry Pi machine
  • attach to previously detached screen terminal with command:screen -r…and voila. After two hours last received bbm_logger data is here:
  • bbm_logger screen reattached

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