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Quick system installation on Raspberry Pi

Do you want quick and easy OS installation on Raspberry Pi? Watch this:

  1. Download NOOBS from raspberrypi.org if you have NOT internet connection on your Raspberry Pi. (big file – ca. 1,5 GB)
  2. Download NOOBS LITE from raspberrypi.org if you have internet connection on your Raspberry Pi. (small file – ca. 32 MB)
  3. Format your SD card.
    Win_formtterIf there is a problem with sd capacity download and use free SD CARD FORMATTER from sdcard.org.Sd_formtter
  4. Unpack NOOBS archive and copy all the files to your previously formatted sd card.Copying_NOOBS
  5. Connect monitor and mouse to your Raspberry Pi, install SD card in the slot and connect power.Raspberry_connected
  6. Configure wireless network by clicking ‘Wifi Networks’ if you need.
  7. Choose operating system you want to install: Raspbian – full desktop version – it will install Raspbian with windows interface. Raspbian Lite – minimal version – you will deal with Raspbian in text mode.
    Click ‘Install’ and wait a while.Raspbian_ready
  8. If you have internet connection update the system. Open ‘Terminal’ from top menu and write:sudo apt-get update It will download the package lists from the repositories and “updates” them.sudo apt-get upgrade It will fetch new versions of packages existing on the machine.
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