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Power it easy: BBMagic METEO Bluetooth Low Energy module

BBmagic METEO is an amazing measurement device with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

BBMagic METEO Pinout
How can we power it?

3V CR2032 coin battery

Coin battery holder should be soldered to pads: 21 (+) and 22 (-).
BBMagic METEO CR2032

Two AA or AAA 1,5V batteries

Connect ‘+’ to pads: 7 or 21. Connect ‘-‘ to the one of: 1, 8, 20, 22 or 23. Dont miss polarity !!

With linear low power voltage regulator

It is simple: You need TO-92 package regulator with output voltage from 2,5V to 3,6V. Solder it to pads 7 (Vout), 8 (GND) and 9 (Vin) of the module.

BBMagic METEO Vreg connection
Pad 10 is reverse polarity protected power input. Connect ‘+’ to it. Connect ‘-‘ to one of pads: 1, 8, 20, 22 or 23.
Check out quiescent bias current of the voltage regulator. It shouldnt be too high. This can help:

Regulator Max. input voltage Typical quiscent current Max. quiscent current
MCP1702-3302E 13,2V 2 uA 5 uA
LM2936Z-3.3 40V [60V wersja HV] 15 uA 20 uA
LT1121CZ-3.3 30V [36V wersja HV] 30 uA 50 uA
TS2950CT-3.3, LM2950-3,3 30V 75 uA 120 uA
LP2950CZ-3.3RAG 30V 93 uA 120 uA

And this one is cheaper but not suitable for battery powered devices:

Regulator Max. input voltage Quiscent current
L78L33 30V 6mA
BBMagic METEO with voltage regulator can be powered with:

9V 6F22 battery

BBMagic METEO 9V 6F22


BBMagic METEO powerbank

Laptop USB port

BBMagic METEO laptop

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