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Measurements without miles of wires? BBMagic METEO Bluetooth LE

When the Raspberry Pi wants to measure temperature, humidity and light level:
RPi zero W and wires
…but is it possible to simplify something ? ? ? Like this:
RPi zero W and BBMagic METEO
Lets use Bluettoth Low Energy technology. Lets make things simpler and wireless:

  1. What will we need?
    • Raspberry Pi zero W or Raspberry Pi 3 (both have Bluetooth Low Energy chip onboard) with the operating system installed. Want to know how to instal OS easy? Go: Quick system installation on Raspberry Pi
    • BBMagic METEO
    • CR2032 battery with holder
    • 10k photoresistor
    • RPi zero W BBMagic METEO elements

    • And a tasty little cookie 🙂
    • Cookie from BBMagic

  2. Lets prepare hardware and software
    • Solder battery holder and photoresistor, install CR2032 battery and the hardware is ready.
    • BBMagic METEO CR2032 photoresistor

    • Download bbm_logger_1.0 software from Download section. In text mode simply write: wget http://bbmagic.net/download/bin/bbm_logger_1.0
    • Change bbm_logger_1.0 file permissions: chmod 755 bbm_logger_1.0
    • To get more info about soft type: ./bbm_logger_1.0 h
    • Congratulation !! Work almost done !! Eat your cookie 🙂
    • bbm_logger installation

  3. Lets launch bbm_logger
    • If launched: sudo ./bbm_logger_1.0 – it will only display received data
    • If launched: sudo ./bbm_logger_1.0 f – received data will be log to files too
    • If launched: sudo ./bbm_logger_1.0 l26 – it will switch on LED indication on pin 26 of Raspberry Pi. LED will blink during Bluetooth transmission
    • It is possible to use both ‘f’ and ‘lxx’ flags.
      To exit bbm_logger press ‘ctrl+c’.
      bbm_logger in action

  4. Log file names from BBMagic METEO
    • Example file name is: ‘bbmeteo_CBFD786BAA68_18-01-03_133259.txt’

    • CBFD786BAA68 – BBMagic module address
    • 18-01-03 – log starting date: year, month, day
    • 133259 – log starting time: hour, minute, second
    • bbm_logger log files

  5. Processing data
    • Data in log files are separate with commas. From left we have:

    • day of the week – from Raspberry Pi settings
    • date – from Raspberry Pi settings
    • time – from Raspberry Pi settings
    • temperature in Celsius – received from BBMagic METEO
    • relative humidity in %RH – received from BBMagic METEO
    • light level from 0 to 255 – received from BBMagic METEO
    • ADC1 input voltage in Volts – received from BBMagic METEO
    • ADC2 input voltage in Volts – received from BBMagic METEO
    • digital inputs state – hex four bits – received from BBMagic METEO
    • BBMagic METEO power supply in Volts – received from BBMagic METEO
    • Bluetooth Radio Signal Strength Indicator in dBm – from Raspberry Pi
    • BBMagic METEO work time from power up in seconds – received from BBMagic METEO
    • bbm_logger data

  6. Drawing the charts
  7. BBMagic 3D chart temperature
    BBMagic chart light
    BBMagic chart RH

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