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Blinking LED for Raspberry Pi indicates Bluetooth transmission

Today we have a particular mission. Make and install LED diode blinking while data receiving from BBMagic METEO.
So we need:

  • LED diode
  • 200R – 500R resistor
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi zero W with system installed. If you need information how to install OS it can help you: : Quick system installation on Raspberry Pi
  • BBMagic module ex. BBMagic METEO
  • free bbm_logger app – you can get it from Download page

… and lets go:

  • Solder resistor to LED. You can use PCB if you want.
    LED rezystor PCB
    IMPORTANT: make sure that current through LED with resistor does not exceed 10 mA with 3,3V supply voltage.
  • Choose Raspberry Pi GPIO and connect previously prepared LED. Im choosing GPIO.27.
    RPI zeroW piny
    RPI zeroW bbm_logger LED
    Blinking effect depends from LED connecting way. There are two possibilities:
    RPI BBMagic LED podłączenie
  • Power up BBMagic METEO module and configure it to mode 1 – data sending every 2 seconds. If you dont know how to do it, look at this:BBMagic METEO data transferring period configuration
    BBMagic_METEO mruga
  • Download bbm_logger_1.0 software from Download section. In text mode simply write: wget http://bbmagic.net/download/bin/bbm_logger_1.0
  • Change bbm_logger_1.0 file permissions: chmod 755 bbm_logger_1.0
  • Run it:sudo ./bbm_logger_1.0 l27

And thats all. LED flashes while Raspberry Pi receives data from BBMagic METEO module. Congratulations !!

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