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BBMobile – how to start

Here is how to quickly discover BBMobile and learn building mobile applications.

STEP 1 – USB-SERIAL driver instalation

To connect BBMobile to terminal running on your PC you need USB<->SERIAL (USB<->UART) converter with its driver creating Virtual COM Port (VCP) in operating your system. The most popular USB<->SERIAL chips are:

  1. FTDI – get driver
  2. CP2104 – get driver
  3. PL2303 – get driver
  4. CH340 – get driver

After driver installation and converter connection you will see Virtual COM port in ‘Hardware Manager’ window.
COM port in hardware manager

STEP 2 – Connecting BBMobile module

BBMobile UART Pins
BBMobile PC connection

STEP 3 – Serial Terminal instalation

Operating systemm usualy has its own terminal program but this open source TeraTerm is very useful and flexible.
Get TeraTerm.4.95 unzip nad launch ttermpro.exe file. And here is the link to japanese project page.

STEP 4 – TeraTerm configuration

In Setup->Serial Port set serial communication parameters like below. Choose your own COM port number showing in System Hardware Manager 🙂
Tera Term Serial Port Setup
In Setup->Terminal set terminal parameters and then save the whole conf (Setup->Save Setup).
Tera Term Terminal Setup

STEP 5 – BBMobile configuration

Commands for BBMobile start with <, and modules answers start with >.
So, type: <hello then hit ENTER. Modules answer should be >HI. You can check modules firmware version with<firm and ENTER.
BBMobile hello
If you got answer – congratulations !! BBMobile is running properly !!
To change modules bluetooth name type: <name,My Device and ENTER. Replace ‘My Device’ with your own name (max. 25 characters).
To set security PIN type: <pin,123 then ENTER. And now to establish connection to BBMobile you need to enter PIN code. PIN needs to have 1 to 10 digits and cannot start from zero.
To remove the PIN lock type: <pin,0 and ENTER.
BBMobile set name and PIN

STEP 6 – Connecting to BBMobile

Install and run BBMobile Android app. It needs min. Android version 4.4.2 and min. Bluetooth 4.0. (Bluetooth Low Energy).
From Android 6.0 you need to turn on localization service to scan Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
Tap ‘START’ button, choose device from list and then enter security PIN if needed.
BBMobile App

STEP 7 – Send interface code to app

Copy JavaScript Object Notation code below (Ctrl+C):

	"te":"\nHello World !!",

…and paste it to terminal window (right mouse button click and then ‘OK’).
BBMobile JSON sending
It flows through UART and then wireless link to mobile application.
BBMobile JSON sent
… and finally pops up on the screen:

BBMobile Hello World App

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